Not just an app or a trainer.
It’s the future of fitness.
With Future, you have a seamless fitness ecosystem and the most technologically advanced fitness program on the market.
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Our coaches can only serve a limited amount of clients at a time.
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Workouts built just for you.
Future isn’t a fitness program made for the average person, because you’re not average. Your fitness needs are entirely unique to you. That’s why Future offers the most personalized fitness experience possible.
A seamless fitness ecosystem
to elevate your workouts.
As a whole, Future utilizes immersive technology—which can include your phone, your apple watch, and even your TV—to manage your fitness experience. From your BPM to miles run to cardio performance, you’ll know exactly where you stand when it comes to your progress.
Fitness on your schedule.
A program that sees your fitness as more than just the workouts: what you do, how you sleep, where you go, and what you need. At home, at the gym, on the road. We’re with you on your journey.
Your personal trainer.
Emphasis on person.
Your trainer is here for you to collaborate and create your routine. They’ll call when you need expertise, FaceTime to celebrate your wins, and be on top of that last-minute schedule change.
How it works
Meet Your Coach
You’ll have time to choose a coach to work with based on their experience, attitude, and alignment with your goals. If it isn’t a good fit, you can work with a different coach at any time.
Set Your Goals
Alongside you, your coach will develop a comprehensive training plan, taking into account any and every factor you’d like to fit in. Every week means new guided workouts.
Go Further
Use Future as much as you want, when you want. Your coach is available at any time to fit in schedule changes, check your form, and provide their expertise and support. No appointment necessary.
Immerse Yourself
Your Future workouts will adapt to your life as much or as little as you want. Track your progress, celebrate achievements, and tune your routine to perfection with your coach.
Whether you’re a fitness newbie or trying to set a new record, you set the pace for Future.
How does Future’s value compare to other personal trainers?
At $149 a month, Future is the lowest you’ll ever pay for unlimited personal training. That’s about the typical cost of a single session with a private trainer. We’d never ask you to fit an entire month’s worth of personal training into one session.
What will be included in my Membership?
How do I know if Future is for me?
What if this doesn’t end up being what I need?