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Six reasons you’ll be glad you hired a personal trainer

It starts with added accountability — but that’s just the beginning.

Whether you want to start your fitness journey with confidence or need some expert help to bust through a plateau, hiring a personal trainer can be a wise decision. But since working one on one with a coach is a bigger commitment than signing up for a gym membership, it’s perfectly normal to have questions about the value of a personal trainer compared to going it alone.

But here’s the secret: no matter your motivation for working out, teaming up with a trainer forms a personal, supportive relationship that can pay dividends. So whether you’re looking for guidance to set new PRs or the push to get off the couch, here are six of the biggest physical and mental benefits of working with a personal trainer. 

1) Accountability that accounts for your life  

You don’t have enough time. You’re tired. The weather sucks. Whatever excuses you’ve used to talk yourself out of a workout in the past, a personal trainer has heard them before. A great trainer will not only help you push through these excuses, but devise a workout plan that works around any legitimate obstacles in your path so you can keep moving.

Being accountable to a real, human partner who can — and will — check in can help you rethink the pros and cons of working out. The idea of not wanting to let someone else down or feel like you’re wasting your money can be a powerful incentive when all else fails. And over time, the commitment your trainer inspires will help you see results that can become their own motivator to avoid skipping that session you might have backed out of in the past. 

2) Motivation that moves you  

But a personal trainer isn’t just someone you won’t want to disappoint. They’re someone who’s on your side and ready to provide the motivation that will have you sweating with confidence. Whether that means hyping you up from the beginning, pushing your buttons to push you through that extra rep, or celebrating wins when the workout’s over, a great trainer knows how to help your mind help your body. 

While you might think you hired a personal trainer just to get in shape, the mental advantages of working with one can filter into other areas of life. From newfound self-confidence to a clearer understanding of what it takes to achieve your goals, there are more benefits than simply what you see.

3) You’ll work out harder and smarter 

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that “doing your own research” may not lead to optimal results. So instead of cobbling together your own plan based on hours of Googling, turn to a personal trainer with the smarts and the certifications needed to tailor a workout plan to your specific goals. After all, that’s literally their job. 

Your trainer’s plan won’t just cut through the noise and give you hours of your time back. Their guidance will help you move forward with efficiency and effectiveness. By streamlining the path to results, you can skip the wasted effort, uncertainty, and frustration that may have knocked you off your game in the past.  

4) Workouts that actually work for you 

Spend any time keeping tabs on Instagram’s fitness influencers or exploring #Fitnesstok and you’ll see lots of brutal, exhausting workouts and restrictive approaches that make getting in shape look like more trouble than it’s worth. If there’s a whole lot of pain that goes into making any kind of gain, why start in the first place? 

Repeat after me: social media is not real life — especially in the world of fitness. Your personal trainer can help you develop an effective and sustainable workout plan that won’t require you to quit your job or buy hundreds of dollars of new equipment. They’ll adjust your workouts to accommodate days when you’re busy at work, traveling, or just not feeling 100% so you can keep progressing no matter what life throws at you.  

And those miserable workouts that influencers post for likes? Getting or staying fit isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. A good personal trainer meets you where you’re at, and can guide you towards workouts that you’ll actually look forward to. Keeping things fresh and challenging without pushing you to the point of burnout or injury is what they do best. 

5) Your ticket off the fitness rollercoaster 

Rollercoasters can be fun, but they’re not the most efficient way to get from  point A to point B. The same is true with exercise. Starting a workout program of a certain length or training for a specific event can provide the motivation that takes you to the top. But then comes the descent into old habits and the low point of lost progress once that structure disappears. Before you know it, you’ve come to a complete stop. 

Working with a personal trainer can smooth out those peaks and valleys for a more consistent climb. Because they’re focused on your long-term growth, a trainer helps you see how each goal flows into the next, so you can avoid the uncertainty or lack of motivation that might've derailed you in the past. They’ll absolutely help you prepare for that event or hit that short-term benchmark. But once that’s done and you’re left wondering what to do next, they’ll be right there with the answer and a plan of attack. 

6) You’ll have someone in your corner 

If you commit to working with a personal trainer who guides, challenges, and uplifts you, your gains won’t just be physical and mental. You’ll also gain a meaningful relationship with someone who’s been there for every rep. Someone who can remind you how far you’ve come, and get you fired up about what you’ll accomplish next. It’s hard to put a price on that kind of bond.

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