November 21·2 min read

Meet Ashley Gill, Future prenatal and postpartum coach

From the Air Force to 50k races to raising four sons, Ashley uses all of her experience to help new moms get moving.

Ashley got bit by the fitness bug at a young age, and was already teaching fitness classes before she turned 18. Over the 17-plus years since, she’s put her passion for coaching to use during her service in the Air Force, conquered ultramarathons, and honed her training skills across a variety of individual and group fitness contexts. Along that journey, Ashley found her calling as a prenatal and postpartum personal trainer, making it her mission to help new and expecting moms take on the challenges of motherhood with confidence. 

Ashley believes that childbirth makes moms stronger. And as a mother of four who once stopped 32 kilometers into a 50k trail race to nurse her son, she has the resume to prove it. Her personal training draws on a wealth of firsthand experience and hard-earned expertise related to running, nutrition, and weight loss. In the process, Ashley helps new and expecting moms get back to being their best selves, whether that means setting a marathon PR or just shedding a few postpartum pounds. 

Because every pregnancy is unique, Ashley’s process starts by meeting every mom where they’re at. That information helps her create flexible plans that can keep expectant moms healthy and strong, while showing them that maternal duty and the pursuit of meaningful fitness goals aren’t mutually exclusive. By working together through Future, Ashley helps her clients navigate this period of intense physical and emotional change, while creating the space they need to get moving and get back to doing what they love.

Quotes from Ashley's clients:

“Ashley has been so helpful and supportive during my postpartum journey. It’s difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise after having a baby, but Ashley made it easy. She listened to my goals and made the workouts fit within my schedule. As a fellow mom, Ashley understands my need to make changes to my workout days frequently and is always positive and flexible about any changes. She is extremely supportive and programs workouts that are challenging but manageable. I was honestly so surprised at how quickly I met my goals working with Ashley. As moms, we have enough decisions to make, so it’s a dream to have someone like Ashley take the guesswork out of what to do at the gym to meet my goals!”

“Working with Ashley totally put my mind at ease about taking care of myself as a mom. More than half my mental battle is figuring out what to do then wondering if what I’m doing is going to be effective! Ashley’s really talented as a trainer and equipped me with nutrition guidance, fun empowering workouts and is always available when I need to chat!”

“Adding Ashley to my life has been one of my best decisions. Ashley makes my workouts fun, listens to my wants and desires, and is my biggest cheerleader. Before working with Ashley, I felt that my fitness level was plateauing. After adding her to my life, I’ve noticed that I am far exceeding what I thought was even possible for my body. It is obvious that she invests a lot of her time and energy into developing a plan that aligns perfectly with my fitness goals while keeping the workouts fun and fresh! Ashley is a fantastic coach; she knows how to motivate and encourage me to achieve the goals that I am after. I can’t imagine having anyone else in my life to help me achieve my fitness goals.”

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