November 22·2 min read

Kelly B’s journey from desk job to training moms

Meet the bookworm turned yogi turned prenatal and postpartum personal trainer whose experiences have inspired her to help new moms feel strong.

As a certified non-athlete and self-described bookworm who spent recess in the school library, Kelly’s unlikely journey into personal training started with a yoga class she took to cope with a stressful desk job in New York City. As her time on the mat soothed her back pain and cleared her head, she felt inspired to train as a yoga teacher to share those benefits with others. Soon enough, Kelly found herself trading the office for the yoga studio, also adding Pilates and Barre to her repertoire as an instructor.

But just as she was settling into her new career back in her hometown of Stuart, Florida, pregnancy posed a new challenge. Overwhelmed by her struggle to sift through all the conflicting information about how to stay active and healthy before and after the birth of her daughter, Kelly felt called to focus her efforts on training prenatal and postpartum clients. 

Now with more than five years of training under her belt, Kelly helps new and expecting moms navigate the physical and emotional changes associated with this exciting moment in their lives. Offering gentle accountability while drawing on science-backed expertise and her experience as a mom of two, Kelly empowers her Future clients to grow stronger and more confident in their bodies. Her prenatal and postpartum practice focuses on the pelvic floor, core, and mind-body connection through the central nervous system, incorporating yoga, flexibility, and beginner strength training into her workout plans. Whether you’re aiming to get back to peak performance or you just want to get moving again, Kelly’s goal is to help moms realize that “you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.”

Quotes from Kelly's clients:

“This experience was more than I could have hoped for. What a difference it made — no more aches and pains, noticeable strength in my core and pelvic floor and visibly improved posture. I have had both pelvic floor PT and lower back PT but trust me when I say these sessions paled in comparison to the knowledge and strength I gained… Every mom deserves to feel this good after having a baby.”

“You can be proactive and help yourself heal if you are dedicated and informed about what is and isn’t ‘normal.’ Kelly is an incredible resource in this area! I couldn’t be more grateful to have learned as much as I have from her. She gives you all the information you need and encourages you to be the best mom you can be by taking some time for yourself and to heal.”

“Kelly is AMAZING! She is very kind, patient, helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable! TMI ahead: I have stopped leaking urine while sneezing, blowing my nose, or dancing with my toddler! I can’t recommend her enough!”

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