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Investing in Future

Membership pricing

Six years ago, we started Future with the simple belief that partnership is the key to progress –– that we’re at our best when we’re supported, seen, and challenged by others. We felt that high-touch, 1-on-1 coaching could unlock profound and lasting improvements in well-being.

Today, we’re thrilled to see that Future is the largest provider of personal training in the nation. To support Future’s next phase of growth, we need to continue investing in our platform and our people. Our Monthly Membership is now $199 per month. (With an Annual Membership, the rate is $149 per month.)

How are membership dues utilized?

Since our founding, we have been committed to attracting the world’s most qualified coaches and building technology that enables them to connect seamlessly with our members. We want to ensure that our coaches remain full-time employees with industry-leading training, resources, and benefits. We also plan to accelerate new features, integrate valuable partnerships, and improve the tools our coaches use.

Save over the long term.

We want fitness to be a sustainable part of your life, so you can save by selecting a longer-term membership plan.

Earn a $50 credit.

You can receive a $50 membership credit each time a friend signs up using your Guest Pass. (Your guest enjoys a free month of training, too.) Open the Guest Pass tab in the app to share your unique link.


We have compiled a list of questions, below, to address any concerns you may have. 

Will rates for currently active multi-month or annual membership plans change?  

If you are currently on a multi-month or annual plan, your rates will not change until your plan is set to renew, at which point it will automatically renew at the new rates.

If my membership is on pause, how will it be impacted?

For month-to-month members, when your membership is reactivated, it will reflect the new rate of $199/mo. For multi-month or annual members, rates will not change until your plan is set to renew, at which point it will renew at the new rates.  

Where can I find details about my current membership plan?

You can find your current membership plan, billing information, and renewal date in the app by tapping on your Profile Picture, and then Account.

How do I opt into a multi-month or annual membership plan?

You can change your membership plan by going to the Future app and going to Profile > Account > Update Membership.

Can I toggle between different membership plans? (e.g. Start with monthly, switch to 3-month, then go back to monthly.)

Yes, you can update your plan through the app or by emailing help@future.co.

Please reach out to our Member Experience team at help@future.co for answers to any additional questions, and thank you for being a part of the Future community. 

— The Future Team

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