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We inspire and engage people in lifelong health, one session at a time.

Our Approach

Creating change
through partnership.

Our Approach

Creating change through partnership.

We believe that partnership is the key to progress. We believe the best way to forge the world we envision is to pair each person with another person – a coach – who helps manage their day-to-day health.

An expert coach lightens the load by offloading the research and planning required to design safe, effective, and realistic workout routines. We believe that honest, authentic relationships help people feel safe, seen, and heard. As a relationship takes root, a coach can drive accountability and build motivation. Coaches help set goals, raise the bar, ride out the tough times, and build momentum.

As progress in technology, trade, and diversity make the world a smaller place, we see an exciting opportunity to connect people and forge new partnerships. And it’s through these partnerships that we believe people will be unburdened to make meaningful change and expand their horizons, while leading healthier and happier lives.


Our team comes from companies such as Apple, Nike, Google, Fitbit, Square, and the NBA.
Rishi Mandal
CEO / Co-Founder
Justin Santamaria
CTO / Co-Founder
Cathy Vigrass
Josh Bonhotal
VP of Performance

Unlike Any Other Fitness Solution

We use a combination of technology, content, and elite personal trainers to empower our members through fitness. Our custom-made training plans with personalized audio coaching are designed to keep you coming back. You can reach your goals at home, in the gym, or at your group fitness classes, when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Technology Powers Future

Members use our platform to achieve their personal fitness goals. Leveraging the Apple Watch and iPhone to deliver insights into detailed biometrics, with a direct line to chat, coupled with a hand-crafted personal training regimen, our coaches are able to deliver the results our members have been striving for.

Backed By Greats


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As an early-stage startup with a small but talented team, Future provides the perfect environment to learn how to be a leader in a growing company and make a significant impact.

We're looking for the best people to join a team where everyone wants to push the boundaries and is motivated to act like an owner of the business.

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