Future For Employers

fitness coaching
for each employee.

Give employees access to the most personalized wellness benefit possible.

Future is quick and
easy to implement.

No matter where your team works, we can have your company up and running in a matter of weeks with a custom landing page, marketing toolkit and activation guide.
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A fitness benefit that can be used anywhere by anyone.

Wellbeing benefit expectations have evolved, and the modern landscape demands competitive solutions that employees won't find everywhere.

Proof it works for your team.

Future will provide data and strategize with you to keep engagement high. We will help your employees get active and stay active.
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How it works

Get Introduced

Click “contact us” to set up a quick chat with us. We’d love to learn more about your company and how we might be able to help as a first step.

Build Your Plan

Together, we’ll build a plan to offer Future to your company. We’ll plan around your timeline and create all of your marketing tools, along with a custom landing page for your company.

Engage Your Team

We can include activities like group workout challenges and virtual ask-a-coach webinars at no additional cost. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations to engage the team immediately and over time.

Get Moving

Providing a Future coach is a wellness benefit that your team will highly value and use often. Staying well lifts the mood and increases productivity. It’s that simple.

Why companies are turning to Future.

Situation-proof investing

Your fitness investment must be easily adaptable and reach everyone in your dispersed workforce.

Higher expectations

You want to offer modern wellness benefits that actively engage your entire team.

Leave it to the experts

Taking the planning out of working out gives employees a streamlined path to achieve their fitness goals.


Creating change is hard. Having a Future coach in your corner cheering you on puts fitness goals in reach.

Building community

You’re looking for something to re-energize your culture and connect people.
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Get connected with Chris and her team.

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Chris has extensive experience in corporate wellness and has worked in health & fitness for over 25 years. She'll learn about your world and where you may want or need help. We love trusting relationships and honest interactions with our customers. Future's not into high-pressure sales pitches, and we're betting you're not either.